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User Flows

Project SUmmary

REI was changing registry partners in 2019, and we had a narrow window to make updates to the landing screen. Scope was limited, but I compiled a set of business opportunities and next steps if we had additional bandwidth down the road.

We were able to make a few quick changes to the UI and a few other improvements to improve clarity, increase cohesion across the REI digital experience, and improve clarity in the process.


Make it look and feel like REI

In addition to making pages and emails compliant with our Cedar style guide and consistent with other experiences across, we wanted more diversity in our photography.

Showcase new offerings

Research shows people, especially Millennials, are shifting from the traditional registry. Many are marrying, moving, and starting families later in life, and space for things can be limited in today's expensive real estate market. The resulting trend in registering for experiences presented an opportunity for the Co-op to promote our growing experiences offerings and the ability to add recommended gear for that trip directly to a registry. Another idea for future functionality was to support group gifting of these experiences.

Make it mobile-friendly

Beyond basic responsive design, we were able to make minor adjustments to typography, touch targets, and interaction patterns to make it more mobile friendly.

Highlight ease of use

Beyond making it mobile friendly, we wanted to highlight the most compelling value-adds first. We also took the opportunity to promote our mobile app, which featured a convenient add-to-list feature that made adding items to a registry a cinch.

More helpful Help and FAQ

We ran out of budget to make these changes, but the intent was to place a FAQ section at the bottom of the landing screen to reduce the need to cross-reference. Similar improvements to the Help page were intended to improve the hierarchy and make it more scan-able.

Final designs